Three kitchens;

Gluten Free, nut Free,

and traditional. 

What is

Uprising is a neighborhood cafe serving scratch-made desserts and bakery as well as fresh & healthy breakfast & lunch options. Uprising is the continuation of Desserts by Corinna, a catering dessert shop that specializes in organic from-scratch desserts and cakes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Uprising will offer a unique combination items to the Lake in the Hills(McHenry County)( area: a locally-owned bakery and European-style coffee house reinvented for a Midwestern American market. Uprising will be a Eco-conscience facility, using biodegradable and compostable flatware, cups, and trash removal services. The Uprising will offer both fast- and slow-service with carry out and dine-in options.

The main focus is local. Freshness and quality will be ensured by serving full service baked items, baked and prepared on-site by Desserts by Corinna and serving coffee roasted on-site by South Street Coffee. Uprising will partner with local procurers for dairy, honey, fruits, and vegetables. Uprising will offer flavorful products characterized by their freshness, organic and allergen sensitive ingredients, a high level of customizability and professional customer service. Most importantly, from the customer perspective, is that Uprising will serve menu items that taste good at an affordable price. The menu items will be familiar to customers but will represent DBC’s unique take on them. Uprising will showcase three completely transparent kitchens; dedicated gluten free, dedicated nut free, and traditional main kitchen.

The atmosphere will be relaxed and comfortable for socializing or working. An emphasis will be placed on minimizing industrial noise from the equipment. The atmosphere will be casual with a softer color palette (light greens and off-whites), art procured for the walls will showcase a new local artist each month. The art will be for direct sale.

The Café will be open from 6:00am – 6:00pm, Monday through Sunday, with special events taking place after 7pm on select days.